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About Us

Brown Crayons is a multiracial company.
Our t-shirts and products feature brown girls from many diverse backgrounds and family structures.

Brown Crayons celebrate brown girls in the park

Brown Crayons is a multiracial, woman-owned company based in Los Angeles, CA. We’re 3 friends from different parts of the world, with different upbringings and experiences. 

Our notecards, t-shirts, stickers, wall prints, and tote bags feature whimsical and powerful illustrations of brown girls from many diverse backgrounds and family structures. 

We strive to represent, reflect, and empower all girls of color.

Brown Crayons was created to fill a white space. There were no t-shirts we wanted to buy for our beautiful, brown girls that reflect who they are or who they can be - strong, powerful, and authentic. So we made some. Be the change.

*Please note that these girls are not all our daughters.  Yet they are all of our daughters.  Brown Crayons is a collective project and we are forever grateful to all the parents who entrusted us with their girls and all the people who have and continue to give us support on this journey.

-Patti, Rikke and Tina


SPECIAL THANKS: We would be nothing without our amazing community and the generous friends who have encouraged, supported and helped us along the way. 

Julie Daniels Photography
Brasil Brasil Cultural Center
Brainworks Art Gallery
Karen Steyr Photo

Our original crayons:
Sophie Marquesen Family and Ada Travis Family. You were the first. We are so grateful to you for trusting us with your beautiful daughters in branding Brown Crayons. 

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